Chinese comfort food.

When it comes to home cooked chinese comfort food, Mann Hann never fails :) We always get takeout from them whether its for lunch or dinner on Sundays.

Here’s what we usually order: (glassware and cutlery from our house)

Kikiam: Ground pork and veggies wrapped in beancurd sheets

Fresh Lumpia: carrots, green beans, tofu, ground pork (optional), baby shrimp, lettuce, cilantro, ground peanuts, fried noodles, seaweed, fried scallions

Maki Mi: Sliced pork(formed into balls), soysauce, eggs, spring onions, egg noodles

Chinese Fried Rice: Chinese ham, eggs, spring onionsBuko sherbet: Shaved ice, buko(coconut), pinipig (crispy pounded rice flakes), black gulaman (jelly), tapioca

And of course, we had to wash it all down with..

COKE regular

What does your family usually eat on Sundays when you’re all lazy to go out?:) Share.

Mann Hann:


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